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that work!

Changes that work!

Leben und Arbeiten in Balance

Changes that work!

Being 19 years in business, we are passionately committed to create changes that work. We support companies with training, coaching and workshops in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We offer professional designed online and on-site facilitation.

We encourage steps that develop strong resources and mental resilience. Eventually, people will regain a sound performance, higher quality of life, and the ability to reinvent themselves. Explore now.

We support leaders to apply mindfulness in leadership to lead themselves and their employees mindfully. Mindful interaction improves both the customer experience and the corporate culture. We can take you there.


Leben und Arbeiten in Balance

Online Coaching

Contactless coaching in times, which take into account the need for social distancing. No problem. We can still work on personal goals. Call up the coachings flexibly as and when required.



Leben und Arbeiten in Balance

Strong resources

Create the conditions for an energetic and successful commitment to customers, colleagues, employees, and your tasks.



Life and work in balance.
Strategies and exercises for trainers, consultants, and coaches (Beltz publishing group) by Sylvana Grabitzki and Thomas Späth.

In this book, two experts for (work-) life-balance convey their know-how so practically and vividly that trainers, consultants and coaches can integrate the exercises and strategies into their life, work, and pass them on to their own clientele.

They give a clear insight into the laws of balance and present eight concrete strategies for more balance.

These strategies are briefly and concisely explained, and supplemented with concrete practical exercises. These exercises are designed to touch people, to motivate them, and help with translating into practice, so facilitating the learning process.

Eight strategies for more balance, both physical and mental: Awareness and signal zone - the power of the now. Self-management - the power of the essential. Attitudes - the power of priming. Implementation - the power of self-discipline. Movement and Embodiment - the forces of the body. Relaxation – power comes from calmness. Breathing - the power of the breath. Nutrition - more strength from food.


Leben und Arbeiten in Balance