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Sustainable guidance

Our understanding beeing a service provider can be compared with a well-run grocery store: We have a good range, and only offer what we have tried ourselves and can recommend. And so we try to cover as many tastes as possible.

We do not have one-size-fits-all solutions - we make offers and thus promote your own solution competences.

It is a central concern for us to support people in finding more balance, health, and satisfaction to benefit a long-lasting and satisfying career and to improve the quality of life. Since this is often only associated with the recognition and alteration of "old patterns", we try to "tread on people's toes" in the positive sense, to "touch" them, and sometimes to irritate them.

Sylvana Grabitzki-Hatch Vita

Sylvana Grabitzki-Hatch
  • Sylvana Grabitzki-Hatch

    • 16+ years managing owner of
      Sylvana Grabitzki Training and Coaching
    • 20 years of field experience in consulting, training, and coaching
    • 8+ years Guest lecturer, University of Furtwangen
    • Works with DAX 30 and medium-sized businesses including BASF, Bühler, Graubündner Kantonalbank, K+S, Läderach, Losan Pharma, Mettler-Toledo, Novartis, SICK, Sto, Straumann, Stryker, Takeda, Zeiss, Z-Laser
    • Author of “Life and Work in Balance”, Beltz Verlag 2012, "Impact Techniques in Coaching", Beltz 2023 (Yet, only available in German)
  • Work focus

    • selfmanangement
    • building resilience
    • life-balance
    • dealing with conflict
    • strong leaders / mindfulness-based leadership
    • corporate trainig, executive coaching, workshop facilitation
  • Working style / transferability

    • resource-focused
    • solution-oriented
    • experience-oriented
    • pattern-breaking
  • Qualifications

    • Certified trainer and coach, process-oriented consultant
    • Zürich Resource Model (ZRM), NLP, Psychodrama, Personality Models & Team Roles, Systemic Training & Coaching, Experiential Learning, Impact-Coaching, Hypno-systemic communication, Life-Balance & Embodiment, Priming, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduc-tion (MBSR), Mental Training, Contemplative Practice (IMS), Qigong Teacher

    • Qualified by:
      Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, Brain and Body (Göttingen)
      Dr. Maja Storch, Resource activation and Embodiment (Zurich)
      Dr. Danie Beaulieu, Impact Coaching (Canada)
      Dr. Bernhard Trenkle, Hypno-systemic Communication (Rottweil)
      Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Resource-oriented skills for coaching, personality development (Heidelberg)
      Shi Xinggui, & Shi Yan Bao, QiGong Shaolin (China, Berlin)
      Carol Wilson & Joseph Goldstein, Inside Meditation, IMS (Barre)
  • Working languages

    • German: Native proficiency
    • English – CEFR C2
    • Swiss German: Full professional proficiency in hearing/understanding, not in speaking
  • Study graduation

    • Forest Ecology, Freiburg University
    • Sociology, Osnabrück University
  • References

    • Badenova (Freiburg), BASF (Ludwigshafen), Bühler (Uzwil), Carl Zeiss (Jena), Confiseur Läderach (Enneda), Faller (Waldkirch), Fraunhofer ISE (Freiburg), HFU Akademie (Furtwangen), K+S (Kassel), Mettler-Toledo (Greifensee), Novartis (Stein, Basel), Rapp Management (Basel), SICK (Waldkirch), Straumann (Basel, Freiburg), Takeda (Konstanz), Testo (Lenzkirch), Uhlmann Pac-Systeme (Laupheim), ZfU (Zürich)


Strong partners at my side

Dr. Thomas Späth & Partner

Partner for gender-specific life-balance training


Partner for large group moderation and process-oriented leadership development

Mario Cristiano

Partner for Leadership Development

freiburg INSTITUT

freiburg INSTITUT

Partner for scientifically based "success factors in coaching" and "success factors of leadership"