Sylvana Grabitzki



Individual coaching

  It does not matter where the wind comes from. Crucial is how to set the sails.  

We are convinced that all people already possess the resources to solve their own problems. A resource is anything that enables us to transform our goals into actions and to shape our reality. Our coaching concept is therefore competence-activating and solution-oriented. We support our clients in the search for suitable and target-oriented solutions.

We integrate the most recent developments in solution-oriented coaching formats, the results of modern brain research (priming and embodiment), as well as resilience and mindfulness concepts.
We understand our coaching as a service for your self-chosen goals. As coach, we guide you to your helpful strengths, from where you transform difficulties and suffering into solutions and success.

How does individual coaching work?

In a first appointment, we clarify the coaching goal. Each further appointment is scheduled together and as required.
Between sessions, there is the possibility to ask for advice by phone or e-mail.

  • Objective: We support your efforts to clarify all relevant aspects and to keep a clear head in weighing up and making decisions.

  • Focus on target-oriented resources and competences and their effective link with everyday life. Identify and exploit hurdles to implementation.

  • The search for solutions and coaching offers takes place in cooperation with our clients as equals. Strengthening and create of self-sufficient solutions.

  • Evaluation of goal achievement. Review of the factors of successful implementation.

Coaching for Women In Leadership

  „What if I fall?” asks doubt. „What if you fly?” answers wisdom.  

Confidence. Assertiveness. And a Vision. I relate from my personal experience as an entrepreneur and coach, how crucial these success factors are for a female career. Also, to get support, when progress is needed.

As a sparring partner and coach, I accompany women on their way towards their chosen goals and vision.

We take a courageous look at doubt, behind fear, and explore shame. We focus on resourceful strengths to overcome hindrances, to find solutions, ways and new insights. In the new comfort zone, a new course is set.

My recommendation: Never fear failure. Fail early, succeed sooner.

Online Coaching

  Actions speaks louder than words.  

Contactless coaching in times, which take into account the need for social distancing. No problem. We can still work on personal goals or challenges. Call up the coachings flexibly as and when required.

Digital distressed? Need some air? Okay, the coaching can also be accomplished by our "walk and talk" format.

After a Training or workshop comes the challenging part: Implementation. Hindrances have to be taken. In subsequent online coachings, we accompany our clients for 3 Months personally, without any travel expenses. Online coaching prolongs the implementation period, keeps up the motivation, and facilitates to overcome obstacles. The coach is the trainer is the coach. We already know each other from the training, we have a good rapport, and can build upon it. Call up the time flexibly as and when required.

Collegial counselling

  Working at the limits of existing thinking.  

This solution-oriented approach is ideally suited for use with the professional and targeted exchange among professional colleagues for individual questions. You benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues, gain new impulses, and can reflect on personal attitudes, behaviour and upcoming decisions together.

Well-intentioned, critical scrutiny creates new opportunities, feedback helps to expand one's own point of view. Collegial advice follows a clear structure.
As external consultants, we accompany you at the first sessions, so that you can carry out further sessions independently and without further external support.

Coaching for executives

  Who asks, leads.  

Executives professionalize their leadership through the internalization of the coaching approach. "Who asks, leads" is still a valid management truth.

Through a solution-oriented and questioning attitude, executives gain a better understanding of the potentials and needs of their employees, and extend understanding of their own role to that of the potential developer.

The coaching approach supports executives in their goal of fostering the strengths and developmental fields of their employees, and of constructively tackling conflicts.

Performance Coaching

  You can only pull the ace out of the sleeve which you have previously put there.  

Whether an important meeting, a conflict resolution, a tricky negotiation or a presentation for new customers: successful people are optimally prepared. Make the dress rehearsal! In performance coaching, you can polish your upcoming "performance" - until you can make your professional competence even more effective by means of a confident appearance.

You refine your mental, social and communicative performance for the upcoming challenge. As coach and sparring partner, we support you in training "difficult" situations and playing to your strengths.

Supported by video feedback, you gain self-assurance and sovereignty.

Single coaching? Sparring partners? Coaching-on-the-job? Collegial advice?

Would you like to find out more about our offer?
We would be pleased to advise you in choosing your appropriate coaching, consulting or counselling form - we look forward to entering into dialogue with you.